Friday, January 25, 2013

Swedish House Mafia One Last Tour Singapore


Swedish House Mafia electrifying the indoor stadium
17 Jan 2013 was an eventful one as Singapore danced to the pulsating beats of Swedish super DJ trio Swedish House Mafia or SHM, as they're known affectionately by fans. The Swedish DJ collective performed their One Last Tour concert live at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and totally blew the crowd away with the thumping bass, entrancing laser lights and their chart-topping electro-dance hits.

Complimentary tickets courtesy of Sony Mobile Singapore
Last week was definitely a blessed week for me. Firstly, it was winning a pair of Cloud Atlas preview tickets from HOT FM which I had to forfeit unfortunately on Monday night as I had been struck down by an agonizing stomachache. Then, I couldn't believe it when I was notified that I had won a pair of Free Standing tickets, the most expensive of the lot, to the SHM concert the day after. I had taken part in the contest by answering a simple question using the Sony Xperia Lounge app the week before without harboring any expectations of winning and therefore, was genuinely surprised when I saw the notification in my inbox.

Swedish House Mafia performing their hit single, "Don't You Worry Child"
Having heard only SHM's "Dont You Worry Child" and "Save The World" playing on the airwaves previously, I decided to brush up on my SHM knowledge by listening to more of their songs on YouTube, browsing their social networking profiles and looking them up on Wikipedia over the next two days. After informing a few close friends about the win and inviting them along, I found Xien Dong, my Infocomm senior who liked SHM's songs too and who was eager to attend together and we were ready to go.

Long queues forming outside the stadium hours before SHM's performance
We met up on Thursday evening at Stadium MRT station around 1830 and waited for Ettrick, the representative from Sony Mobile Singapore who arrived slightly later to hand us our tickets. With tickets in hand, we made our way to the Singapore Indoor Stadium which was just a stone's throw away. Incidentally, it was both Xien Dong's and my first time at the Indoor Stadium and the first concert we were attending.

First time seeing these bedazzling lights I had to take a shot of them
After queuing for some time at the East Entrance and advancing to the front of the queue, we were informed by the ushers that we were in the wrong queue while the other concert-goers were let in. Turns out that we were supposed to queue for the Premier East entrance on the ground level and that queue had stretched all the way to the second level.

DJ Aldrin opening for Swedish House Mafia
7.00p.m. came and past and not long after, we could hear the booming bass emanating from the stadium as one of Asia's most prominent DJs, DJ Aldrin opened for SHM. Half an hour later, after our wrists were tagged with a red Midas Promotions tag, we secured our bags in the locker for a dollar and darted into the stadium, soaking up the lively atmosphere. I saw Yang Yu, one of my former classmates and greeted him outside the entrance briefly before entering.

DJ Aldrin mixing "fresh" dance music to liven up the mood
DJ Aldrin was spinning some groovy electronic dance beats using his MacBook and multicoloured psychedelic visuals were playing behind him on the stage. The spotlights hovering above us were gyrating frenziedly as light rays danced haphazardly over our heads. The night was still young and the mood in the air was irrepressible despite many conserving their energy to be unleashed afterwards when SHM would be performing.

DJ Aldrin takes it away with his final act
As everyone counted down to SHM's takeover of the stage at 9.15p.m., Xien Dong and I slowly edged our way to the front of the mosh pit till we couldn't advance any further. We managed to find a good spot to rave in, a few rows behind the stage and facing its center, bouncing excitedly to a segment of Avicii's Good Feeling along the way. As the moment drew closer, DJ Aldrin finally concluded his showcase with an extraordinary visual spectacle of lights, sounds and smoke, which was greeted by a rousing applause from the delighted SHM fans who were repeatedly roaring for SHM to take the stage.

Ecstatic fans raving to Steve Angello & Third Party's "Lights"
After a series of false starts which included the screening of an Absolut Vodka advertisement endorsed by SHM to rouse the ebullient fans, the SHM introductory video unravelled on a gigantic white cloth which had been draped over the colossal stage. Immediately, the fans broke into a flurry of screams and cheers for the Swedish super DJ group.

 What happens when you record video as you dance

The curtains were down and SHM started their concert on a high note with their 2012 smash hit, "Greyhound"! Effervescent fans tossed their hands into the air and surrendered to the palpitating rhythm, frolicking around on the dance floor. You could feel the excessively heavy bass pounding your heart as spotlight flashes bedazzled you. The entire stadium had come alive as a kaleidoscope of vivid and vivacious visuals entranced the concert-goers. It was a superb way to kickstart the SHM concert as the overwhelming exuberance in the air would go on to engulf the zesty audience for the next two and a half hours.

The Swedish House Mafia: (from left) Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello
Over the next hour, the high-spirited public cavorted passionately to the sounds of "Lights" by Steve Angello & Third Party, "Here We Go" by Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes and undisputedly one of the greatest dance anthems to emerge from 2012, "Calling" by Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso, among others. SHM crushed everyone's expectations as each song they played exploded with more verve than the previous track, adding to the soaring fervor of the crowd.

Fanciful background visuals on stage
The exceptional electro house music was further bolstered by the fanciful background visuals on stage and the astounding laser lights scattering throughout the whole stadium, which heightened the vivacity of the raving stadium. We were also treated to breathtaking displays of pyrotechnics throughout the entire performance as fireworks were launched into the air occasionally, accompanied by ostentatious eruptions of crimson flames in front of the stage.

Endless dancing, continuous jumping and repeated fist-pumping

The endless dancing, continuous jumping and repeated arm waving certainly proved to be a good workout for me. I rarely venture into performing such acts, having never attended a dance concert previously but by the end of the first and a half hour, I was almost completely drained and sweating profusely. Being my first time, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining experience though and the tracks by SHM definitely invigorated me to dance to the beats.

Psychedelic laser lights entrancing the crowd
A funny thing though was that despite promising to try and stick close to each other at the beginning of the concert, Xien Dong and I were divided by several dancing concert-goers who had crossed our paths and I caught myself dancing besides a few unfamiliar faces. That wasn't necessarily a discomfort though as it opened the door for me to interact with other members of the public who were raving rapturously to the likes of "Together" by Axwell & Sebstian Ingrosso and "In My Mind" by Ivan Gough and Feenixpawl feat. Georgi Kay, songs which were all performed live from their new "Until Now" album.

"There's no Antidote!"
Nonetheless, the best was yet to be. The last hour of SHM's One Last Tour concert was the most incredible and unparallelled of the entire two and a half hours. It saw the Swedish DJs performing all of their chart-topping hits, including their first official single from 2010, "One (Your Name)" and another fan-favourite, "Miami 2 Ibiza". Just as I thought of taking a breather from all the raving, SHM hit me with their hit single of 2012, "Don't You Worry Child".

"Don't you worry, don't you worry child! See heaven's got a plan for you!"
I was caught unaware and I whipped out my phone in a flash to record the performance as I belted out the lyrics of the song ecstatically with the other concert-goers. After all, this is "Don't You Worry Child", who could pass up the opportunity?

Swedish House Mafia performing "Don't You Worry Child" LIVE

As the audience were taken away by their spectacular performance, Steve Angello addressed the crowd and thanked Singapore for brimming with energy, quipping "Singapore, you can really sing! Do they teach you how to sing in school?"

Enter the digital revolution
Immediately after, SHM launched into two electrifying remixes of Coldplay's "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" and Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition". Having been reignited with the fire to sing again, I echoed the lyrics of the songs and raved together with the exhilarated crowd ardently. After the two songs, Axwell took to the microphone again and asked Singapore, "Is that all? Are we missing something?"

The concert was a spectacular laser show
Indeed, we were missing something. The lights dimmed, concert-goers began chanting "Save the World" and SHM delivered a rock solid and mind-blowing rendition of their globally-celebrated 2011 masterpiece. It got the entire stadium up on and off their feet for the final time as SHM knocked it out of the park with "Save the World", followed by Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash's ubiquitous 2012 smash, "Reload". As all good things must come to an end, the Swedish DJ trio thanked the audience with a short but stunning multimedia presentation to conclude their concert.

Swedish House Mafia performing "Save The World" LIVE

"Who's gonna save the world tonight? Who's gonna bring you back to life? We're gonna make it, you and I! We're gonna Save the World tonight!"

What an unforgettable night!
It was an unforgettable night indeed as SHM defied all expectations and brought the house down on that Thursday, the night of 17 Jan 2012. It was my first concert and the best I had ever attended. In my eyes, Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour was a tour de force. Unfortunately, it's ultimately saddening to see them part ways to pursue their solo careers after this One Last Tour. For someone who had never embraced or appreciated electronic dance or house music, SHM converted me into one who truly loves it with all his heart. I am starting to explore more of EDM, listening to tracks by Avicii, Deadmau5 and Tiesto among others!

Thank you for reading!
One of the highlights? Being one with an inexplicable intrinsic love for the night, I got to set a NEW RECORD for reaching home early in the morning! :)


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